Retractable Mesh Safety Gate

Retractable Mesh Safety Gate

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Are you busy doing something in your home such as working from home, cooking or cleaning? Do you with that you could keep your baby safely away from the steps or out of the kitchen or keep your dog away for a bit, but you want to be able to keep them insight as well. With the New Retractable Mesh Safety Gate, you can do just that. This Mesh Safety Gate is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be used to keep pets safely and peacefully in different rooms of the house as well. This is ideal for when you are teaching puppies how to use the bathroom outside and not in the house.




✔️ A SAFE HOME – From the minute your little one is born, all you think about are ways to keep them safe. Once they start crawling and walking, the BabySeater retractable gate will keep them away from hazardous stairs and off-limits areas. And for added security, your baby gate for stairs also comes with a bonus gift.... FREE set of outlet protectors!

✔️ IN A SNAP – Get the Mesh retractable baby/pet gate with a convenient latch that makes opening and closing a breeze! In fact, it only takes one hand! And that comes in handy when you’re carrying toys, diapers, or little kiddos around.

✔️ THE PERFECT FIT – No 2 spaces are alike, so get the retractable baby gate that’ll fit any entryway snugly and securely. And when it’s not in use, the mesh lining discreetly rolls up, saving you space and making it suitable for a variety or doorways, stairways, and room opening



✔️ QUICK & EASY – Installing a retractable safety gate shouldn’t take all day! That’s why we made it incredibly easy to get the BabySeater gate up and running. We give you everything you need for a smooth, simple installation.

✔️ INDOOR & OUTDOOR SAFETY GATE - This wide baby gate is designed to adjust to any doors and stairs, perfect for bottom of stairways, doorways, patios, hallways, deck, banisters, indoors and even outdoors use. No more tripping on metal bars of a traditional walk-through metal gate. Comes with 2 sets of Installation hardware for backup allowing the alternate usage at two different locations and angle.