Profit isn't what defines us....

It is our goal to not just measure our success by our bottom line, but also by our impact we have on our community and our planet at large. 

We are lucky to have team members that are passionate about not only pets but people.  This passion is why we allows our team members to not only suggest but implement suggestions that help us as a company maintain sustainable practices, transparency, and accountability when it comes to our community and global impact.

100% of  our team members are loving parents of rescued animal.  It is our mission to not only donate money but time to our causes. By actually getting out in the community we have realized a larger need to make sure that we start we as people are making a positive impact by doing good in the world, and define a clean and better world for the generations to come behind us.

  • Making a difference in the community: As a company, we donate monetarily along with needed products and goods but have realized that money alone isn't enough, so 100% of senior staff and approximately 90% of our team members either donate their time to our local Humane Societies or local wild animal rescues in the area.  
  • Protecting Pets and the Planet: We ensure that our products are BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic, per FDA guide-lines.
  • We ensure that we source eco-friendly materials that will have the minimal long term waste. Showing as an example that Corporations can also be environmentally conscious.
  • Providing a real living wage: In todays time it is even more important that companies are willing to approach profits in a fair view of employees needs and everyday lives.  By doing so we are able to provide generous wages and benefits for all of our Team member, even the part-timers. 


World Wide Fulfillment

We believe all pets are important.  We work with only the Best suppliers to provide quality products with low carbon impact.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service we strive to raise the bar & surpass all expectations.  We provide round the clock access to our pet experts. 

The Team

Every team member is dedicated to ensuring that every pet family is treated special, trying to meet your specialized needs.